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Hunting Free Range Texas - Hello I am Dan Ardrey the owner and outfitter - Our Texas Aoudad Hunting operation in West Texas consists of a 50,000+ acre ranch in north/west Texas that offers hunters a chance at a free range Aoudad Ram also known as Barbary Sheep. 719-439-4759 - Cell

Texas Hunting Aoudad Aouadad Hunting Texas
Hunting Texas - Free Range West Texas Trophy Aoudad (Barbary Sheep)  Contact Dan Ardrey Cell: 719-439-4759
Texas Hunting Aoudad - Free Range Aoudad Sheep Texas - Free Range Barbary Sheep Hunt Texas - West Texas Aoudad Sheep Outfitters - Aoudad Sheep Hunt 
West Texas Aoudad Sheep - Texas Barbary Sheep, Texas Hog Hunting provides a great opportunity to harvest a "Trophy Aoudad" ram.
We would also like to invite you to the “Eastern Plains " Colorado for the quality private land hunt you’ve been dreaming of. We also offer fair chase hunts on the Eastern Plains of Colorado for Elk, Deer and Pronghorn Antelope on some of the best lands available, anywhere. The genetics and age class of our herds are excellent, giving you an opportunity to harvest a true trophy-class animal.

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