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Hello I am Dan Ardrey the owner and outfitter  in Texas & Colorado.

If you are researching Aoudad or just thinking about hunting a big Texas Free Range Aoudad Sheep - well you're at the right page!

Its a great hunt, no tag is required nor do you have to go into a draw.

You just need to purchase a Texas hunting license if you're a resident or a non resident Texas hunting license. (you will require a hunter certificate - card)

Hunting in the cooler months January  through till March.

You can drive to the town of Post Texas and we will meet you.

You can fly within the USA to Lubbock Texas and hire a car or we can arrange transfers.

You can fly International (eg: Australia via Qantas direct flight into Dallas Fort-Worth and connect to Lubbock Airport)

We have quality rifles available if you do not want the hassle and paperwork when flying.

Cell 719-439-4759
Texas Hunting Aoudad Aussie John

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 I traveled Qantas Airlines with a direct from Brisbane Australia to Dallas Fort-worth to hunt a big trophy Aoudad Sheep in Texas.

This Aoudad hunt was close to the top of my bucket list and I wanted to cross it off and take a big ram.

I was not disappointed - I was elated! It was a great free range hunt in Texas.

Dan Ardrey is a great outfitter and really knows his stuff -  importantly where to find the big ones!

When you put that together with great food, a hot shower and a comfortable bed - well I had a great experience and shot a great Barbary Ram to take back to Australia.

Make it the next hunt on your bucket list.

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